2016 Reel

Compilation of works produced during 2016, showing products and techniques on which we specialize.

Not Guilty

2D Animated VideoClip of the song 'Not Guilty' from US rock band

The Meatball and the Noodle

Children's music video made for the YouTube channel “The Children's Kingdom”

HSBC: Diversidad e Inclusión

Video Institucional para HSBC Bank Argentina.

Game of Thrones: Ahora Buenos Aires

Electoral Advertising Spot for Ahora Buenos Aires, inspired by the famous opening of HBO's Game of Thrones series.

2015 Reel

Compilation of works produced during 2015, showing products and techniques on which we specialize.

The Fine Tuning Argument

Didactic video from the series 'The Fine Tuning Argument', produced for the Florida School of Discipleship.

Créditos Hipotecarios

Animated Spot produced for the political organization Seamos Libres.


2D and 3D Animated Video for the Human Resources department of the Accounting Study PWC Argentina.

The boss's chair.

Promotional Poster for the movie "The boss's chair", from the diretor Juan Sasiaín.

Reusch 30 years

Institutional Video for the sportswear brand Reusch Argentina, on their 30th year anniversary.

Guayaquil's Intro

Opening Titles Sequence for the argentine feature film "El Encuentro d Guayaquil", released on July of 2016.

Branding Much

Branding test for Much Music segment with original music

Land of Giants

2D Advertising Video of Lujan's theme park "Land of Giants"

MaxiSeguridad Advertising Video

Advertising Video of MaxiSeguridad, experts on fire prevention. 3D technique and After Effects.

AIRY Spray

Visual Special Effect with 3D integration and motion tracking.

Black Queen

Fictional ShortFilm on drugdealers, with blood and gunshot VFXs.

Just Smoke!

Visual Special Effect with 3D motion tracking and color correction.

KM1 disco club

Promotional Video with Motion Graphics and 3D elements for KM1's launching.

KM1 Promo

Advertising Spot for KM1 disco club with logo desing and digital integration.

Armenia Runs

Promotional Advertising Spot on the running marathon in conmemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centenary.

How to use a fire extinguisher?

Advertising Spot on how to use a fire extinguisher. Made for the fire prevention expert company: MaxiSeguridad. 2D technique.

Microwave Eyes

Visual Special Effect with 3D motion tracking and color correction.

IT Patagonia

Institutional Video of SIGEIA, an IT Patagonia's product, produced on Motion Graphics technique.

Movie Poster Design

Street Poster Design on the argentinian movie "El Encuentro de Guayaquil" (2016).

TV graphic package

Graphic elements package for TV: Flies, baseboards, bumpers, among other interactive pieces.

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